7.7.2019 | Holiness-FOCUSED

Pastor Mike Fleischmann | 7.7.2019 | Haggai 2:10-19


When we have turned over a ______________________________________,

but we’re still waiting for the _____________________________________ to kick in.

Question #1

If I’m mostly doing the right thing, does it really matter if I ______________________________ a little?

The Answer: 

It does matter, because while _________________________ does not rub off,

spiritual _____________________________ does.

-         _______________________________ spreads

-         _______________________________ catches

-         _______________________________ is contagious

“Every work of their hands, and what they offer there is unclean.”

Even the greatest works dedicated to God become unacceptable when offered with compromised ______________________________, and contaminated _____________________________.

Question #2:

But where is the __________________-______________________ in all of this?

“From this day on I will bless you.”

It’s in the in-between time

when we’re still waiting for the ___________________________ to kick in

and prove that pure ___________________________ works, that’s when we take God at His word and keep on doing what we know is right.