6.2.19 | Mountains High, Mountains Low

Pastor Mike Fleischmann | 6.2. 2019 | Psalm 68:1-20

Mountains High, Mountains Low

Three Basic Passage Themes 

1. The exalted ____________ and majesty of God on high

2. The utter _________________ of the wicked before Him

3. His __________________ heart toward those upon whom He sets His care

And just WHO, exactly, are THOSE?  

                   (Psalm 68:5-10)

M ____________________________


are tremendously important and positive __________________ throughout the Bible.

The irony is that Israel is a land of such ____________________ _____________________.

What God Has Chosen

“For the Lord has __________________________ ;

 He has desired it for His dwelling place, saying

 ‘This is my resting place forever, for I have desired it.’”

   (Psalm 132:13-14)

The  _____________that God has chosen

…he is not as _______________________                       

The ________________________ that God has chosen

…it is not as __________________________                         

The ___________________ that God has chosen

…they are not as ____________________                    

The _______________________ to which God is drawn

…they are not the lifted up ones _________________________

And just WHY, exactly, would this matter to ME?