Just A Stone’s Throw From Guilty

Pastor Mike Fleischmann | 4. 7. 2019 | John 8:1-11

At the very CENTER of the story

is a woman who is ___________ __________ , but something in the _________________ of the ___________  just doesn’t smell right.

Around the EDGES of the story

are those who are eager to see _____________ served.

Exactly what Jesus was writing in the dirt is a ________________ at which we can only guess, but ____________________ He was writing it is a powerful clue.

Listening even today to the story 

are those who are still hoping for a _____________________ .

Whether we want a God of  _______________ or a God of  ___________________ - it will depend on whether we see ourselves in the center of the sin story, or watching it from the edges.

Jesus came to stand with ___________________ in the very center of the story.