02.10.19 | “A True Son of Israel”

Pastor Mike Fleischmann

“A True Son of Israel”

The story of how one Hard-Core Skeptic

became a Die-Hard Believer

It seemed highly DOUBTFUL that_____________________________ would join them

on the journey.

He was UN-IMPRESSED by the _______________________________ of Jesus.

He was UN-MOVED by the _______________________________ of Jesus.

He was UN-PHASED by the  _______________________________ from Jesus.

What exactly did Jesus KNOW about Nathaniel that so drastically changed his mind?

He knew that he was a true descendant of ________________________________.

He knew what Nathaniel had been doing under the ________________________________________________.

Whatever it was, exactly, between the two of them Jesus proved with shocking detail that he knew

exactly what Nathaniel had _________________________ and He also knew precisely who he could